Thomas Mayne Reid

A Pictorial Bibliography

Mayne Reid (1818-1883) was a prolific Irish author of mainly adventure stories. His works were published by numerous firms beginning in the late 1840’s into the early 1900’s. American and English editions may be the most common but his books were published in numerous countries, ranging from France to Russia to Spain to Turkey to Norway, etc.

Although he was born in Ireland, he emigrated to the United States in 1840. He was a war correspondent and a lieutenant in the New York Infantry but he was mostly known as an author.

This site is not a biographical one. There are many other places to study Mayne Reid's life. In particular see "Mayne Reid, A Memoir of His Life by Elizabeth Reid, His Widow" and Captain Mayne Reid by Joan Steele, Twayne Publishers. My goal here is to produce a comprehensive pictorial bibliography of Reid's American works. As with all bibliographies, this one is a work in progress. Please offer any comments and/or criticisms.

Cary Sternick